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We are a team of US tax professionals who are dedicated to providing a professional tax prepartion service. Our office is based in Chicago, IL., however, we operate remotley with our clients through our online client portal that utilizes the industry standanrds in online security and encryption and offers our clients an easy powerful tool to complete their tax returns while at the comfort of their own home. This tool enables you, our client, to securely upload your documents, message with our team, e-sign engagement letters and tax forms, and pay our fees. All in one place under one login. 

Our services

Tax Planning

one of the most valuables servies we offer our clients is the ability to plan for out of the ordinary tax transactions ahead of time. 

If you're selling a business or a long-term rental and are looking for tax projections/planning around your transaction we can help!

Tax Preparation

Contact us regarding our tax preparation services. We focus on individuals with challenging personal tax situations as well as those with businesses (self-employed or Corp). 

Business Consulting

Are you facing any of these situations?

  • Are you considering starting your own business?
  • Do you need help choosing the type of entity to form for your business?
  • Is your business being ran by pencil and paper and you want to advance? 

Schedule a consultion appointment and let us help you address these concerns.

Financial Planning

At our firm we can give you an unbiased second look at your current financial plan or help you cultivate one. As CPAs we are bound with by a fiduciary duty to the public and since we don't sell any financial products, you don't have to worry about being sold a product and instead you pay us for our work. 

Many of our clients over the years have found our advice to be very valuable since we have a full picture of the clients' tax situation and can easily assess his other financial needs. 

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